Problem worth solving

Microalgae producers use extraction techniques to produce a specific chemical, e.g. biodiesel or astaxanthin.  These methods leave or degrade a large portion of the cell contents behind and the resultant biomass is either sold as an animal feed supplement for little money or is landfilled. On the other hand, specialty chemical producers are looking for cost effective biofeedstocks.

Our solution

Gen3Bio bridges the gap between microalgae producers and the specialty chemical companies through effective, efficient and low cost enzymolysis of microalgae in water to extract triglycerides, carbohydrates and proteins with minimal degradation.


Primary Target Market:

  • Microalgae producers including power generating and water treatment facilities
  • Microalgae producers and harvesters such as fish farms
  • Equipment and technology suppliers to microalgae producers

Secondary Target Market:

  • Specialty chemical manufacturers


  • Gen3Bio will license process technology
  • Additional revenue streams from licensees
    • Prelicense validation/evaluation
    • Engineering packages and installation
    • Ongoing technical support and monitoring
    • Occasional process monitoring and optimization
    • Consignment of microalgae and extractants for microalgae producers
  • Joint development programs for downstream biobased chemicals and bioplastics